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Our Services

Eye Exams

Eye exams provide ophthalmologists with the chance to monitor your overall health and visual acuity. As you grow older, eye exams become more important. Children and young adults especially should receive a checkup every year, as their prescriptions might be changing rapidly. When you come into our clinic for an eye exam, we’ll make a complete assessment of your eye health, visual acuity, eye pressure, and more. 


The inventory of frames at our clinic is second to none. Choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to find the right fit for you. We’re also available for adjusting glasses. If you’re just updating your prescription, then we can perform a comprehensive eye exam that checks over every part of your eyes, optic nerve, and other vital areas.

Contact Lenses

Glasses might not be the best choice for you. When you’re thinking of getting contact lenses, we can help. Our ophthalmologist measures the health and shape of your eye to find the right lens fit. We’ll also show you how to care for your contacts and extend their lifespan. If you’re coming in for a replacement pair, then our team will get your new contacts in your hands quickly.


Cataract and laser surgery are our areas of expertise. Your clouded vision can be corrected with a simple, fast procedure performed by our experienced ophthalmologist. During cataract surgery, we’ll remove your clouded lens and replace it with a clear, artificial one. This surgery returns your original clear vision and removes any kind of foggy haze.


The alternative to lifelong glasses or contacts is LASIK®, a surgical procedure that changes the shape of your cornea. A misshaped cornea will bend light incorrectly, and the result is nearsighted or farsighted vision. But changing the shape of your cornea with LASIK® makes your vision crystal-clear. Our ophthalmologist specializes in laser surgery procedures like LASIK®, so you’re in safe hands.